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Talking Your Way to a Better Life

How Effective Communication Skills Can Transform Your World
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Improve Relationships Through Assertive Communication
Master Active Listening
Understand and Practice Reflexive Listening
Build a Strong Foundation of Understanding and Being Understood

Learn the vital concepts, tools and habits you need to order to become a vibrant and caring Communicator.

Build stronger, more fulfilling relationships with family, friends, co-workers, clients and bosses as you master time-tested Communication Skills.

·      What is Active Listening?

·      How Should I Communicate When I’m Annoyed?

·      Learn Dynamic Listening Concepts

·      Discover and Implement Positive Communication Habits

·      Eliminate Barriers to Effective Communication

Create New Neural Pathways in Your Brain

The latest research shows that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a highly effective tool when it comes to Communication Skills.  In this course you will learn specific CBT techniques that will help you share your thoughts and feelings in a kind, respectful way.  You will learn how to listen with kindness and respect.  You’ll turn potential arguments into unifying catalysts for change.  As you master the techniques in this course you will be creating new neural pathways in your brain.  This course will help you physically change how your brain operates simply by applying your willpower and your brain in tandem toward a shared goal: Changing your life by changing how you speak and how you listen.

Content and Overview

With this course I’ve distilled hours and hours of experience working with companies and clients down to 20 lectures that cover everything you need to know about Communication and how to become a great communicator.  You’ll explore the role Communication plays in your life.  You’ll examine the importance of identifying and owning your feelings.  You’ll learn how to set clear, communication borders and boundaries.  You’ll discover, and really believe you have a choice when it comes to reacting to negative events or anticipating the future: all based on Communication Skill.

When you’ve completed this course you’ll have tools that you can use over and over again to make yourself understood and understand those around you .  You’ll be equipped to find and anticipate hope in the future.  You’ll uncover levels of gratitude for yourself and find increased closeness and intimacy with loved ones.

Each short video has a real-world “homework” assignment that should take about a week to complete. 

Talking Your Way to a Better Life
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