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Talk therapy

Why we do it as we do it - all your questions answered
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A number of important concepts that will make your practice more effective
If you want to receive therapy services you will know what to expect

In this course we answer a number of the most popular questions people ask when they call the office seeking therapy, including the issue of money.Whether you are a therapist, therapy student, current client, or contemplating seeking therapeutic services, this course is a must see. 

As a therapist you will learn to work smartly, investing time on the telephone with clients who are ready to engage in the process. As a prospective client you will learn to avoid endless pitfalls - questions that you may think make you sound well informed, but actually tend to derail your success.

Along with the ten lectures which you can watch many times over - and many students report benefiting from the repetition because our lectures are very dense - you will have access to the audio lectures for download, this way you can listen to them wherever you want. The entire course is recorded at our office and consists ONLY of me talking into the camera. There are no visual or sound effects, just pure useful information learned over 20 years of clinical practice.


Talk therapy
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