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Basketball Dribbling Drills: Basics To Advanced in 1 HR

Develop an amazing handle with this online coaching dribbling course! Go from on the sidelines to in the games!
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Improved Ball Handling and Basketball Dribbling Skills
Gain confidence and new basketball dribbling moves
Develop dominant and non-dominant hands
Prepare for upcoming try-outs and regular seasons

In this course we will learn the drills you can perform to become a better dribbler. This course is perfect for individuals who want to get better to make their middle and high school teams, to individuals who just love to play basketball, for players who want to dominate their church and rec teams.

This course is composed of purposely short tutorials for you to quickly watch and digest the drills and actions and then perform at home. Key points are highlighted for you in each section on the screen for you to develop the how and the why of the drills.

The workout time will vary based on the users experience level. With lifetime access, you will have an opportunity to grow and get better with daily and weekly practice.

We begin this course with stationary drills to focus on the following skills: ball-handling, coordination, rhythm, dexterity, agility, and ambidextrous hands. Following the stationary drills, we move on to the dynamic drills where we perform more complex drills.

Basketball is a universal game that brings people together that you can play for nearly a lifetime. The skills you develop now will bring you a lifetime of social approval, higher confidence and self-esteem.

Basketball Dribbling Drills: Basics To Advanced in 1 HR
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