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The Beginners Guide To Learning HTML/HTML5 the right way.

New to HTML? Don't Know Where To Start? Worry No more! I cover all the basics so you can stop thinking and start coding
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You'll be equipped with the right HTML knowledge and can start coding write away!

One of the oldest and one of the most revolutionary computer languages to have ever been founded.

                        Almost every website on earth has been coded with HTML.

It is now time for you to also master the art of this language, so you can start creating responsive, beautiful websites for yourself or your clients and perhaps even make it a long term career to follow.

In less than half an hour you will be set up with the basic knowledge of HTML that is essential to learn. I have covered almost all the basics and you won't need to spend a single penny on another beginner HTML course after my course.

We'll first familiarize ourselves with HTML and shortly afterwards we'll simply play around with the concepts and ideas we just learned and later I'll even guide you on what to learn after finishing this course!

The Beginners Guide To Learning HTML/HTML5 the right way.
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