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Take Ownership of Your Fertility Journey

How to navigate the rough waters of your infertility journey
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Explore the unknowns of infertility
Learn what a typical fertility treatment journey looks like
Learn about the various emotional and mental challenges that can occur during your fertility journey
Tips and techniques for both individuals and couples to be better prepared for their fertility journeys
Ways for family members and friends to support their loved one(s) experiencing difficulties with fertility

This course and workbook will help you self-reflect, take ownership, and most importantly, be more intentional about navigating the rough waters of infertility. This course will offer plenty of tips and techniques to help your infertility journey SUCK LESS!

Course Outline

Module 1) Before You Begin the Course – This module is intended to set the stage for the course and provide an outline for how to best experience it. An important note is the value of the workbook section of each module.

  • Introduction

  • Setting the stage

  • How to best experience this course

Module 2) Why Do I Care About Infertility? – This module is intended to share my personal journey with infertility and invite the attendee to outline their ‘ideal fertility journey’.

  • My journey and my light

  • Your journey

Module 3) Introduction to Infertility This module is intended to give an overview of infertility from a medical perspective and highlight some important facts.

  • What is infertility?

  • Quick facts about infertility and a typical treatment journey

Module 4) As a Woman – This module is intended to focus on the experience of women about to go through fertility treatments or someone who is in the middle of their treatments. This module will offer plenty of tips and self-reflective tools to help navigate the struggles with infertility that are unique to women.

  • Elements of infertility for women

  • Introducing the Suck-O-Meter

  • Infertility Journey Map featuring stories from real people

  • Different emotions and coping mechanisms

  • My “Yes to” and “No to” list

Module 5) As a Man – This module is intended to focus on men going through infertility challenges, and how men can support their partners in their struggles.

  • Important facts

  • Elements of infertility for men, with real stories

  • Different emotions and coping mechanisms

  • Things to do and avoid when supporting your partner during infertility

Module 6) As a Couple – This module is intended to highlight the invisible problems (i.e. relationship struggles) that happen with couples experiencing infertility. This module will offer antidotes to the various toxins that can appear in relationships when a couple is experiencing infertility, and how to best navigate this journey together. This module offers a variety of workbook activities including writing a personal love letter to each other.

  • The Invisible Wall

  • Four toxins that form in a relationship faced with infertility

  • Antidotes for the four toxins

Module 7) For Family and Friends – This module is intended for those family members and friends who truly care about and want to support their loved ones going through infertility. This module offers plenty of tips on how to show your support in a way that will be well received by your loved one(s).

  • Things not to tell people going through infertility

  • How can you help?

Take Ownership of Your Fertility Journey
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