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TAKE NOTE BEGINNER CLARINET! – Fun with Fundamental Skills

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BECOME TECHNICALLY PROFICIENT – handle your clarinet with ease and comfort.
PRODUCE A FLUID CENTRED SOUND – use a well-formed embouchure and controlled breathing skills.
BECOME MUSICALLY LITERATE – Read music with understanding and confidence
Master all those fundamental skill required to secure a fantastic start to your adventure, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, your playing will be full of energy as you bring your music to life with a feeling for the pulse. If you have always believed that you were not musical – think again! If you have felt reading music is like a reading foreign language – you're going to be pleasantly surprised how easy it is.

This course is an actual DOING course. You are required to TAKE ACTION and have fun every step of the way!

You will learn all those practical skills of playing, which fulfil the expectations of most beginners. However, the teaching goes to a deeper level as it subliminally installs the much more important concepts of musicianship – the listening skills, the rhythm and pulse, the natural phrasing and the flow of the music. The student sees the new skill set as a vehicle for artistic expression and creativity from the very start.

Originally, the material was designed for young beginners and their supportive parents. However the DVD version, which has been on the market since the beginning of 2015, has also been hugely popular with adult beginners who appreciate how the simplicity of the presentation adds up to a solid technique through which to express the music.

Designed for ease of manageability and the avoidance of problems, the series of simple steps in  "Take Note Beginner Clarinet" will provide constant enjoyment, and you will feel a sense of achievement as you progress from level to level.

Use this material as: 

  • A Series of Lessons for the complete beginner.
  • A Reference Guide for later on in your musical journey.
  • A Problem Solver if you have a challenge.

The course comfortably niches all the relevant material from the first months of lessons into one product.  Used as a series of lessons, a beginner can take anywhere from 3-6 months to complete the content. During section 8, students are told to pause the material, and use supplementary exercises to strengthen their embouchure muscles and current reading ability before moving on to the next stage – it is important to allow the playing to evolve. There is an emphasis on measuring progress, not by the number of notes learnt or the number of tunes played, but by the quality of the tone produced and by the ease of the execution of that sound.

The terminology of the notation is both American and English. Literacy skills are taught with the note values from Whole Tone/Semibreves through to Eighth Note/Quavers. The notes studied are the natural ones from low F, below the stave (in the low/chalumeaux register), to A in the throat register, plus Throat Bb, F sharp on the first space and low Bb.


  • 12 easy to follow sections
  • Troubleshooting tips to solve challenges
  • Progressive play-along tunes
  • Interactive split screen tuition with moving graphics
  • Fun quizzes to test knowledge
  • Recap sections for quick revision
  • Essential advice for practise time

Offering hours of fun and variety, the material is delivered as audio-visual instructions by Maggie Gray – your teacher on tap providing you with all the facts at hand, and the answers at your fingertips!

Grateful thanks are expressed to...

Caroline Scott  – Producer and Editor.

Bill Worrall – Composition and Recording of the Accompaniments.

James Iaciafano of "Bananajims" – Character design of "Anthony the Ant".

Debbie Roe – Photography

TAKE NOTE BEGINNER CLARINET!  –  Fun with Fundamental Skills
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