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Improve your Photography

Learn why AUTOMATIC mode can fail, and how to use MANUAL mode to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CAMERA.
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Confidently use "manual" mode on your camera.
Understand exposure and the relationship between shutter/aperture/ISO
Know how to create the "correct" exposure in different situations.
Select the correct lens and aperture to blur or retain background detail.
Get the maximum quality from their own camera/lens combinations.
Balance the light using flash/reflectors to obtain a well exposed photograph.

Designed for photographers who are using their camera's 'automatic' settings and are ready to progress to full manual control. You may be just starting out, in which case it’s a great idea to learn all about manual skills straight away - or you may have been using your camera for a while and getting great results on automatic ninety percent of the time. This course will help you fix that elusive ten percent that’s not currently working out the way you want!

The lectures in this course are clear, concise, and short! They're designed to give you maximum information in the shortest possible time - for people who want to improve their photography in a short space of time.

You’re going to learn how to set shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance as well as how to choose the correct lens and settings to control sharpness.

You'll finish this course with a much greater understanding of exposure and the skills to override your camera's automatic settings to improve your images.

Main areas covered by this course:

Relationship between shutter/aperture/ISO

Light readings - Incident and reflected

18% grey card readings

Depth of field and how to control it

Why the ‘auto’ settings on your camera sometimes fail

Lighting - Backlit subjects, reflectors, fill in flash.

When is auto best?

Colour temperature and White balance settings

Focus – manual or auto?

How to ‘get it right’ in camera rather than photoshop.

Improve your Photography
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