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Tai Chi Instructor Training Certification Course Part 3/3

Become a Certified Tai Chi Instructor/Teacher Through This Home Study Program - Learn how to teach Tai Chi Effectively
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Students will finish the final part of the Tai Chi training manual
Students will learn a full warm-up routine appropriate for Tai Chi
Students will master Tai Chi basics
Students will master the Tai Chi 13 movements
Students will learn the 2nd half of Yang Style Tai Chi 24 Steps (Steps 13-24)
Students will learn the Moral Qualities of Tai Chi Students/Instructors

As Tai Chi grows in popularity, teachers with professional training are in demand. This course is also recommended for those wanting to enhance their personal practice.

This is part 3/3 of the Training Certification Course. If you have not taken part 1, and part 2, please go back and take these two Udemy courses.

To become a Tai Chi Instructor, you are required to take all three parts of this Home Study course. The training manual will guide you to complete the course. Once you have completed all three parts of the course, you will be eligible to take the test to become certified. The test can either be in Person at Dr. Kuhn's School in Sarasota, Florida, or you may schedule an appointment with Dr. Kuhn via Skype, or by sending a video of you performing the Tai Chi form, Tai Chi Basics, and 4 types of Tai Chi Walking, all learned from the course.

Dr. Kuhns Contact Information is included in the curriculum.

Part 3 of the Tai Chi Training Manual


  • Start Your Teaching Journey

  • How to Guide People in the Right Direction for Chinese Exercise  

  • Teaching Methods and Techniques

  • Market Your Teaching  

  • Making a Plan for Your Journey  

  • Teaching Guideline for 10 Week Session 



  • Full Warm Up Exercise Video (Warm up 1, 2 and 3)

  • Tai Chi Basics

  • Tai Chi Qi Gong  

  • Tai Chi 13 Movements  

  • Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 24 Steps (Learn Steps 13-24)

Tai Chi Instructor Training Certification Course Part 3/3
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