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Barefoot Doctor's Tai Chi moves training

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At the end of the course students will know all the moves of the tai chi shortform

THE Easiest, Fastest Way To Learn Tai Chi

So You Can Feel More Chi, Stay Healthy & Supple,

Enhance Your Sense Of Joy & 

Enter The Supreme Ultimate State

All In Just Six Minutes A Day

Millions of people across the world practice Tai Chi for its proven health and fitness benefits – and because it enables them to experience the enlightened, transcendent state every day.

You’ve no doubt heard the benefits, maybe tried to learn yourself – or you want to – and there’s a good chance you have friends who use Tai Chi to focus, gain perspective, relax and melt away stress.

But you’re left asking the question…

How can you get all the benefits of Tai Chi quickly & simply?

I’m talking about using Tai Chi to center yourself whether things are going your way or against you. To gain a true appreciation of yin and yang, so you don’t take things too seriously or too personally, because you’re aware of the constant swing between the two states.

The problem is that if you’re like most people, you’ve probably been put off Tai Chi by what looks like years and years of training to reach that point. And if you have tried to learn the form before, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed, or tripped up trying to remember all the moves and how they fit and flow together.

What if there was a better way?

I’ve been training in the Taoist martial arts for over 40 years and teaching them for over 30 and have evolved a new, revolutionary approach to Tai Chi that will completely change your ability to grasp the form and get all the benefits quickly and simply.

I’ll explain more about that a little later, but first let me inspire you by taking a look at…

9 amazing things you’ll experience when you practice Tai Chi 

1 Deep Relaxation, however tough life gets

Tai Chi relaxes your muscles and organs and de-clutters your mind. The result is total mind and body rejuvenation and near-immunity to the stress and pressure of everyday life. It works whenever you need a break from your hectic lifestyle, endless task lists and demanding friends or family.


2 Better health, balance & suppleness

Even Western doctors acknowledge the health benefits of Tai Chi. As you move through the form you’re internally massaging the five vital organs which between them control all the functions of your body (and mind). This means just a few minutes of practice a day can make your joints more supple and your muscles more resilient. Tai Chi improves your cardiovascular, respiratory and lymphatic functions – in fact all your systems benefit from the gentle, flowing movements. Your balance increases and you’re better able to alleviate pain and illness quickly.


3 More energy & zest for life

Chi is psycho-active energy. It flows through the body in meridians (channels). When it’s flowing freely you feel happy, strong, confident, and balanced. When it’s constricted you feel ill, depressed, tired and nothing works in life. Tai Chi helps you to keep your energy flowing freely so you’re filled with zest for life, ready and raring to go on each next stage of your life’s adventure.

4 Lose unhealthy habits & states of mind Taoism is all about referencing your experience of being who you are moment by moment to what’s going on in your body, rather than what’s going on in your thoughts. Tai Chi helps you activate a greater connection with your body which in turn means you start to lose unhealthy habits and banish unhealthy states of mind more easily.



5 Free-flowing inspiration & creativity to solve challenges & shine

People who practice Tai Chi tend to find inspiration comes easily for creative projects and problem solving. Ideas and answers appear out of thin air so we perform better and get more done –Tai Chi helps us shine in all our endeavors.



6 A deeper connection with the people around you

Being centered and steady, with a true appreciation of yin and yang, you develop equanimity and grace to towards the world of the ‘ten thousand things’ – the world of function – and the people in it. You’ll find your connection and empathy strengthened: handy whenever you need to resolve an argument with say a partner, connect with your troubled teenager, or negotiate with your boss.


7 A more exciting, fulfilling love life Controlled breathing and feeling the chi flow through your body are central to Tai Chi. As you learn to breathe more effectively and as you are able to tune into chi and learn how to focus and direct it, you’ll find sex becomes more than just a physical experience. Many of my students over the years have told me it’s helped them overcome their inhibitions and connect more on both a physical and spiritual level. You’ll notice improvements in desire, satisfaction, ‘performance’, confidence and ejaculation control.


8 A magnetic attraction to wealth and success Tai Chi helps you gain balance in all areas of your life and, as it does, you’ll find your relationship with people, money and work improve, which in turn helps you guide in greater wealth and success. And when you’re in touch with the flow of energy, this chi supports effortless manifesting simply by getting a picture of what you need and letting it sail on the chi to fruition.



9 Greater perspective and purpose As you practice the form, you grow viscerally aware of the Tao, the primordial force informing all of this. Being aware of the Tao puts everything in perspective. It gives you meaning and purpose: you feel the joy of being alive in each and every moment come what may and become imbued with an innate sense of mission to spread that joy.



What really happens when you practice Tai Chi?

Tai Chi means ‘supreme ultimate’. When you practice you go progressively more into the fully enlightened, ‘supreme ultimate’ state. Once the form’s become second nature, you relax deeply as you flow with the moves. Your breath flows smooth as silk and you enter a deeper, broader, higher level of consciousness.

But the biggest challenge you’ll face if you learn Tai Chi the traditional way is the length of time it takes to get to that stage – it can be months or years before you truly feel all the benefits because your monkey mind is so focused on mastering the complex flow of individual moves in correct sequence.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could relax into the flow more quickly? If mastering the moves was easy and putting them together simpler still?
  • What if you could get the most out of your practice without spending thousands of dollars, pounds, yen, euros or rubles on your training and countless hours of daily practice?
  • What if you could learn the form easily and quickly, with just a few minutes practice a day – with me as your personal portable teacher, following me as I teach you step by step – whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you?


Why my approach is so different and unique

I’m considered a master of all the Taoist martial arts and I’ve dedicated my life to simplifying the wisdom they contain, interpreting them and making them easy for you to learn. I take the mystification out of the process, so you learn in weeks what usually takes months or even years.

In short, my method simplifies the learning process. And now you don’t have to travel from wherever you are in the world to see me and experience a class with me in person – you can learn Tai Chi with me wherever you are in the world.

Set aside just a few minutes a day to practice – try first thing in the morning if you want to get yourself focused and ready for the day. Practice if you’re facing a challenge, hoping for a solution. Use it to calm yourself if you know you have a stressful situation looming. Want to relax and de-stress before going to bed? Yes… you get the idea.

Barefoot Doctor's Tai Chi moves training
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