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Tai Chi Made Fun and Easy

The beginners' guide to how YOU can develop great fitness, health, longevity and inner peace.
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Master the 24 moves of the world's most popular Taiji (Tai Chi) routine.
Move with more grace and confidence as you learn the 6 Principles of Flow.
Discover the ancient secrets and amazing benefits of this ancient discipline.
You'll experience the rhythm and flow of how advanced Taiji feels by following the instructors in the easy Flow Motion segments.

This is a course in Tai Chi for the Tai Chi Curious - a fun and entertaining way to learn the 24 movement Yang style "Short Form." It originally aired as a 13-part series for Hawaii Public Television. Filmed on location in beautiful Hawaii on the island of Oahu, every episode includes:

  • a short lecture on a different aspect of Taiji (Tai Chi)
  • a 5-10 minute follow-along Taiji workout called "Flow Motion"
  • and instruction in the movements of the world's most popular Taiji routine
  • a Final Thought - advice, inspiration or philosophy from the ancient Masters.
Tai Chi Made Fun and Easy
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