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Tai Chi Foundation Course

Traditional methods. Modern teaching.
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Master the Chen Tai Chi 8 Form, which teaches the fundamentals fo the longer Xin Jia and Lao Jia forms.
Master Qigong breathing exercises and the Ba Duan Jin
Gain an insight into Tai Chi as a martial art through applications and push hands
Master the fundamentals you need to take your Tai Chi to the next level like stepping and silk reeling

Whether you're a beginner or experienced student, the Foundation Course will take your practice to the next level. Through our simple, easy to follow tuition we give you everything you need to master Chen Tai Chi. Course units include Introduction Lessons, Eight Form, Silk Reeling, Qigong Breathing, Ba Duan Jin, Martial Applications, Warm Ups, Standing Meditation, Stepping Exercises and Push Hands.

Tai Chi Foundation Course
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