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Tai Chi for Women (or anyone!) 10-Form: Master Helen Liang

Tai Chi exercises to help women’s most common health issues, but great for anyone, such as bone density & balance.
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Beginner Tai Chi 10-Form focused on women's health issues, but great for anyone.
Master Helen offers easy-to-follow step by step learning.

Tai Chi 10-form, taught in under two hours with great details.

1 hour 49 minutes of step by step instruction.

Tai Chi for Women is a simple follow-along workout for beginners. Using exercises that target women’s most common health issues, Master Helen Liang shows you how to stay healthy, flexible, and youthful at any age. Anyone can enjoy this Tai Chi 10-form.

You will learn natural ways to relieve stress, improve your balance, feel energetic, and strengthen your bones. Tai chi uses low-impact moves to stimulate your circulation and cardiovascular system, and can be used to relieve arthritis. The gentle stretching and deep breathing within tai chi help you to feel calm and relaxed

  • Easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction

  • Mirror view demonstrations from side to side

  • Effective ways to heal and prevent many common ailments

Tai Chi for Women will empower you to lead a healthier and more balanced life.


  • Introduction

  • Relaxation Warm Up

  • Energy Exercises

  • Tai Chi Stepping Exercises

  • Tai Chi 10-Form Instruction

  • Tai Chi 10-Form - Front View

  • Tai Chi 10-Form - Rear View

  • Keys to Success

  • Conclusion

  • Follow-along Workout

  • 10 Video Lessons / 109 Minutes / 1 hour 49 minutes

Follow-along Workout is a video chapter you can use after you’ve watched the whole video lesson a few times. You can instantly practice the follow along exercises with Master Helen, and skip the more detailed instructions when you have limited time.

Master Helen Liang, the eldest daughter of Grandmaster Liang, Shou-Yu, began training in traditional Wushu at the age of 4 under the strict guidance of her father. At the age of 11, she was chosen to train with Sichuan Provincial Wushu School. In 1985, she immigrated to Canada and became an official instructor at the Shou-Yu Liang Wushu institute in 1989.

During her years of training, she has participated in many national and international competitions and has won a great number of gold medals. She has been featured in many magazines and TV programs including Chinese Central Television(CCTV), Shanghai and Sichuan Provincial television in China, Cathay television in Canada, national pay-per-view features in the US, CBC and Channel M in Canada, as well as several newspapers and magazines in China, US, and Canada.

She is vice-president of the Shou-Yu Liang Wushu Institute, and author of several videos. Master Helen Liang lives and teaches in Vancouver, Canada.

Tai Chi for Women (or anyone!) 10-Form: Master Helen Liang
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