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Taekwon-Do (ITF) White Belt Programme

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Martial Art

While Martial Art is ideally learnt in-person, due the contact nature of the activity, online training can be a great starting point, and a useful training supplement. If you are just starting your Taekwon-Do journey, you will find all you need to lay a solid foundation with this course. If you are already a Taekwon-Do student, you will find this course a fantastic supplement to your existing training.

All the key fundamentals are covered, and there are pdf resources to back up the practical videos. Minimal equipment is needed to follow this course. All you really need, is a good attitude and work ethic. The videos are broken down into bite-sized chunks so you can concentrate on one area at a time. There is a logical sequence to the lessons, as each one builds upon previously learnt skills.

Some of what you will learn:

  • How to make a fist

  • Stances

  • Punching

  • Blocking

  • Kicking

  • Sparring

  • Key physical fitness exercises

There will be a number of additional free resources on flexibility training, available, via a dedicated YouTube playlist. More training resources will be added, gradually

The instructor, Master Fitzgibbon, will be available for feedback on your progress, and can even provide the opportunity to take a promotion test, online, so you can move to the next belt level.

Taekwon-Do (ITF) White Belt Programme
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