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Tactical Guide to Building Self-Esteem and Achieve Success

Stop putting off those goals and take action! Increase your self-awareness and transform your life!
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Understand the key to building self-esteem and what kills it
Learn why your core values are important and how to discover them
Develop a better sense of who you are through guided self-reflection and self-discovery exercises
Discover what is preventing you from achieving success and how to conquer those barriers
How to manage when things don't go as planned and you experience disappointment

“I’m not scared; I’m just not motivated to start my goals right now.”

“I’ll start my diet on Monday.”

“Watching Netflix on a Friday night is way more fun than going out and meeting someone.”

“I don’t have time to work out.”

“Paying off that student loan can wait; these shoes cannot. YOLO!”


  • Make more money?

  • Get a better job?

  • Start your side hustle?

  • Exercise more?

  • Eat healthier?

  • Find someone to share your life with?

  • Start meditating?

  • Reconnect with your family?

We all have goals that we've been putting off.

We tell ourselves that we'll work on them tomorrow, next week, next year but then we never actually take action.

The Real Barrier to Achieving A Goal

Most people focus on the outcome to help motivate them to achieve the goal.

For instance, putting a picture of a fitness model above your bed to remind you of what you would look like if you started working out.

Or another example could be pinning pictures of your dream house on your Pinterest boards to motivate yourself to apply for a better position that pays you more.

But the real barrier to achieving a self-improvement goal is actually the uncertainty in attaining it.

As in, the reason why we don’t take action and start is that we are fearful of what might happen if we actually change.

Humans love stability. We like comfort. It’s ingrained in our DNA to seek homeostasis (a physiological state of equilibrium that is resilient against change).

For instance, if your temperature goes up by 1 or 2 degrees, you have a fever and it’s out of balance. Your body immediately tries to course correct (ie. increasing blood flow to the skin and making you sweat like a pig) so you don’t keep heating up.

We’re delicate beings. It’s not just physiologically but mentally.

This course will act as a catalyst to help you take action.


A practical, straight to the point course for anyone who wants to jump-start their goals.

Sections included:

  1. The Key To Building Self-Esteem

  2. The 3 Dirty C's That Kill Self-Esteem

  3. The Only Thing Preventing You From Achieving Success

  4. What To Do When You Face A Setback and Experience Failure

Apply Your Knowledge

  • 4 guided self-reflection activities

  • 3 downloadable tactical exercise worksheets

Tactical Guide to Building Self-Esteem and Achieve Success
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