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Tabletop Photography

A guide to taking your tabletop photography to the next level using simple tools.
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Understand your goal and make a concept in keeping with the product you are photographing.
Select props that complement your subject and add context to your photograph.
Use simple lighting tools to make your subject stand out in the photograph.
Learn and apply simple post-processing techniques to bring your photographs to life.

In this course, we deal with one of the broadest fields in Photography: Tabletop.

We will walk you through four different shoots for four different types of subjects:

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Product (Necklace)
  • Flowers

We've also included a workbook with examples and lighting schemes you can replicate and learn how to take your own tabletop photography to the next level, as well a workbook with photographs and an explanation of the lighting setups we used to achieve them.

Tabletop Photography
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