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Tabletop liquid simulation with Phoenix FD and Tyflow

Tabletop drinks full case study with Phoenix FD and Tyflow and full business and pricing study
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Creating realistic organic liquid beauty shot, and how to manage the business side of CG TV commercial, coca cola TV spot.
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How to create a CG TV spot of coca cola bottles, ice, bubbles, foam and water splash

This is course is not another technical course, this course is a complete case study of how to create and manage a full TV CGI spot, from the first client's brief to the final delivery including:

• How to manage the business side of a TV spot in terms of pricing, quoting, and offering.

• How to stage the product shot and how to set up the full lighting studio.

• How to setup multiple liquid systems in one scene including creating bubbles, close up detailed water splash, procedural water drops system, and rigid ice cubes explosion as well.

• How to generalize the resulting setup to produce later Table-top similar scenarios.

Producing stunning shots of real drink products is a traditional directors' challenge. Over the years, directors of photography have developed many closely-guarded trade secrets for creating perfect drinks, both clear and soda (Gaseous).

On the other hand, CG liquid technology is constantly evolving and it seems these days there is nothing that cannot be recreated on a computer. But despite massive advances in rendering power and creative wizardry, marrying CGI liquid simulations with beautiful lighting setup and animation is a huge challenge, and when it comes to ‘directing’ droplets and fluids - artists have to think differently, using tools to slightly bend the rules of fluid behavior while keeping a natural look and feel overall.

Also, trying to choreograph fluid to behave in a certain way and yet still maintain a naturalness is particularly tricky, add to that, drinks must have just the right transparency, color, and viscosity, it should look so fresh, organic, and naturally delicious that the viewer can’t resist buying the product and trying it for themselves. We can't achieve that without a perfect lighting setup, which we will learn in this course as well.

In this course we will use TYflow dynamic particle based system to do the RBD simulation part and Phoenix FD to do the multi liquid simulation setups, as well as Vray to shade, light and render the final result.

Technically, in this course, we will be working on creating a full CGI tabletop Coca bottles shot, which will hit a thin layer of water on the ground, causing a beautiful splash and a small ice explosion while seeing all the bubbling coca drink inside the bottles swirling and rising up.

This is a Project-based course, where we will discuss in details how to create full production quality drink tabletop shot, we will be covering simulation, shading, lighting, and rendering to create final images, as well as the business side of the job itself, it will allow the chance for the users to collaborate what they have learned with us and build their own similar scenes on their own and to be able to win the job and client's satisfaction.

Tabletop liquid simulation with Phoenix FD and Tyflow
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