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Getting ready for the Tableau Desktop Certification

Getting ready for the Tableau Desktop Certification
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Qualified Associate Certification preparation
Better understanding on Tableau

Sample test will provide information on the structure of the exam, along with the knowledge and skills being measured. It will also guide you to resources to help you prepare for success.


1) Strongly recommend you find a better connection( A latency of 50ms or below is ideal. If your result is 150ms or above, it’s likely you will experience a response lag during your exam)

2) Internet Speed( Recommend a minimum download speed of 4 Mb/sec and a minimum upload speed of 2Mb/sec. A low reading could indicate high usage on your network)

3) Make sure proctor will able to access your computer, and ensure your webcam and microphone are functioning properly

4) Physical Environment( Quiet, private room. Clear work-space. No Writing during your exam. Only one screen during exam. Erase whiteboards, turn off televisions. You can use the Google Chrome browser for your exam)


Exam duration: 120 minutes (Plan for extra time for exam setup)

Passing Score: 75%

Number of Questions: 36(Knowledge base and hands-on)

Question Format: Multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, hands-on

Platform: Windows VM

Fee: $250(For every attempt)

Title valid for: 2 Years

Current Version Exam Tested On: 2018.2


"Its highly recommended to go through the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam Guide cover to cover, multiple times.

This is also what has been recommended to me as the best form of revision for the Desktop QA exam"


  • Data Connections

  • Organizing & Simplifying Data

  • Field & Chart Types

  • Calculations

  • Mapping

  • Analytics

  • Dashboards

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Getting ready for the Tableau Desktop Certification
$ 19.99
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