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Master Course in Tableau Prep - Prepare & Clean Data

A practical course in data preparation and cleansing using Tableau Prep
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Understand fully and have practical experience using 'Tableau Prep'

Learn Tableau Prep, no prior knowledge of data preparation or cleansing required. 

From beginner to Competent user in just one concise course. This course teaches you ALL the functionality of Tableau Prep.

The three stages of this course:

  1.  First Steps

Getting the must know basics out the way quickly

  1.  Creating Data Flows

Teaches you the functionality of Tableau Prep, enabling you to use all of Tableau Preps functionality

  1.  Project

An interesting assignment to test your learning. Followed by detailed review.

Tableau Desktop Knowledge is preferred but not essential. I advise people to learn desktop first before attempting to use Tableau Prep (for context).

Why a course by Jamie Fry?

I have EIGHT years experience with tableau products in the workplace. I've watched it grow from simple drag and drop tool into a extremely powerful visualisation software, from a Private company to an IPO. I am not a full time udemy instructor, which i believe is a strength. What i will teach you i use everyday in my workplace, for all different manner of clients across the globe. My technical teaching of this tool comes with real workplace Do's and Don'ts, teaching you will not get from full time instructors that have been out of the workplace for a number of years. I teach tableau in classrooms face to face and via video conferencing, and years of this experience has led to this streamlined course. Please see my Bio for more information on my academic and professional background.

For details on the precise functionality taught, Please see the 'Curriculum For This Course' below.

Master Course in Tableau Prep - Prepare & Clean Data
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