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Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Practice Exam

Everything you need to ACE your Desktop Certified Associate exam!
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Tableau exam questions


The instructions to download the datasets and answer guide used in this exam will be sent to your email once you sign up for the course, so make sure you check your email and download them before you start!


Regardless of whether you've just picked up tableau or if you're a long time user, taking the certification can be a daunting prospect with each attempt costing a whooping $250!

That's where practice comes into play! And what better way to practice than on an exam modeled after the most recent, 2020 exam? This was created after I sat for the exam myself and passed it. This test covers all the topics in the 2020 exam prep guide: 

  • Data Connections

  • Organizing & Simplifying Data

  • Field & Chart Types

  • Calculations

  • Mapping

  • Analytics

  • Dashboards

In addition, instead of just giving you the answers, I've also written out a step by step guide answer sheet, complete with screenshots for any questions you might not fully understand. That should help you work through any areas you might find particularly confusing.

Don't let that $250 go to waste, ensure you have everything you need to walk out of the exam hall a winner!

Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Practice Exam
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