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+17 Tutorials to Rocket Your Ping Pong Level (Intermediate)

Become an Expert in Ping Pong. From Amateur to Advanced in only 4 weeks. Personal coaching with the best coach in China.
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Improve table tennis skills fast with Chinese coach
Understand the principle of table tennis
Develop your skills: From Fundamental to Advanced techniques
Understand about Chinese coaching, and top Chinese player's equipments
Win more matches in the tournaments. And have more fun!

Table Tennis Coaching for Adults - Learn ping pong at home

  1. Basic table tennis techniques by the Chinese table tennis coach.

  2. Analyze the common error of new players

  3. Correction and tips

  4. Fundamental strokes in table tennis: backhand topspin, backhand drive, backhand flip

  5. Forehand strokes: forehand topspin, forehand drive, forehand pendulum serve

  6. Best 5 tips to improve in table tennis, based on Chinese philosophy

  7. How to improve the feeling of table tennis

  8. Adjust your table tennis grip

  9. Table Tennis Footworks

  10. Advanced table tennis techniques: Tactics, Mental, Coaching

  11. How to win more with 3rd ball attack (Chinese Method)

  12. Good coach tips from Chinese coaching

+17 Tutorials to Rocket Your Ping Pong Level (Intermediate)
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