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Tabla for Beginners - Part 1

Learn how to play the first Taal and accompany a Song with Tabla
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Basic syllables in Tabla
Taal Dadra and how to use it in accompanying a song
Commonly used words and phrases in tabla
Practice phrases for improving the basic words

Hello and welcome to this course where I take you through the basics of tabla - the Classical percussion instrument from India. This course is useful for beginners or for refreshing the basics if you have played tabla before. The simple step by step instructions will ensure that anyone from age 9 to 90 will be able to play this instrument with ease. 

You will get a good understanding of the parts of Tabla and how to play different syllables or letters, which form the building blocks. Using these syllables, we will learn the first composition - Taal Dadra. We will understand how this Taal is played and how to use it to accompany different songs. You will also be able to play the core words in tabla - the Tirakita and Tita along with the popular phrases that are used to practice.

I have over 50 active students from various countries including India, US, UK, Australia, Canada, France and others. Through this online teaching experience, I have created a set of tips and tricks along with a step by step flow that helps learning tabla without having to be physically present with the teacher. In a special sections I will talk about how to make the most of your practice sessions as well as remain motivated in the journey of Tabla.

At the end of this course, you will get the confidence to move to exploring the next and more complex stages of playing tabla.

Tabla for Beginners - Part 1
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