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System Mapping for Program & Product Delivery Professionals

Discover the dynamics & interconnectedness, identify gaps and enhance shared understanding of your complex systems
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An introduction to System mapping
A primer into Systems thinking
A brief introduction to causal loop diagrams
How to create cluster maps or causal loops diagrams
How to enhance shared-understanding with your teams and executives through mapping
How to give holistic view of your project or program to stakeholders

Are you a program lead, delivery manager, Product Owner, Senior BA or other delivery professional managing or working on a large project? This training will help you create a systems map that not only will provide you a holistic view in a glance, but also bring clarity for stakeholders, team members and business colleagues.

A systems map is a tool that empowers you with deep understanding of the systems you will be dealing with. It shows the depth and breadth of your program to everyone involved and assists them in contributing to your initiatives.

What You Will Get:

  • Step by step instructions for creating a systems map

  • System mapping and its benefit

  • Example of a systems map

  • Tool suggestions for brainstorming, whiteboarding and mapping

System Mapping for Program & Product Delivery Professionals
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