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System Dynamics Simulations With AnyLogic

Learn how to develop robust System Dynamic models with AnyLogic
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System Dynamics Simulation Modeling using AnyLogic

On this course you will learn how to develop simulation models using AnyLogic, with total focus on the System Dynamics paradigm. You will learn all the tools and concepts required to model advanced scenarios to solve complicated business questions from a System Dynamics perspective.

This course doesn't require any previous knowledge and you will:

  1. Understand the mathematical background of the System Dynamics theory

  2. Learn how to develop conceptual models using causal loop diagrams

  3. Learn all the System Dynamic building blocks

  4. Good practice concepts to build robust models

  5. Generic structures and archetypes that you can apply directly for your particular problem

  6. Experiments to validate and optimize your models

  7. Learn functions to simplify model development and to understand the models behind these functions

  8. Integrate databases to populate your model

  9. Special AnyLogic techniques to improve the functionality of your SD models

  10. How to integrate System Dynamics with other simulation methods

There's a final capstone project for an additional price.

System Dynamics Simulations With AnyLogic
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