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Symantec CCSVM / Rapid7 Nexpose for beginners

Learn how to configure Symantec CCVSM / Rapid7 Nexpose to scan network or computer to find vulnerabilities
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use Symantec CCSVM / Rapid7 Nexpose
scan their network or computer for vulneabilities

Learn the most popular Vulnerability Scanner: Rapid7 Nexpose / Symantec Control Compliance Vulnerability Manager

If you are thinking about IT Security seriously - you have to get to know about vulnerability scanners. Rapid7 Nexpose and Symantec CCSVM both are the leading scanners to conduct Vulnerability Assessment.

First complete training explained from scratch. You will see on step-by-step presentations what to do. I will explain how it works and how to use Rapid7 Nexpose / Symantec CCSVM.

Take you IT Security knowledge on the next level.

In this Course, you will learn about Symantec Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manger / Rapid7 Nexpose

Symantec CCSVM / Rapid7 Nexpose for beginners
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