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Alleviate Stress & Boost Your Immune System

Master the art of stress management by practicing this technique for just 15 minutes a day !
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Apply stress management techniques with immediate results
Instantly stop the body's stress response while improving overall health
Increase personal energy levels and boost immune system by transforming depleting emotions


In this course you will learn how your body responds to stress and anxiety and how you can use a practical approach to achieve all of the following benefits:

  • instantly stop the stress response and regain your composure
  • charge your energy levels to prepare for the day or in advance of a stressful situation
  • re-charge your energy levels after a stressful situation
  • improve your ability to respond intelligently and coherently under pressure
  • Stealth mode: apply the technique without letting on that you are applying it
  • enhance your immune system, improve your outlook on life

The technique taught in this three week course is based on research and findings published in prestigious magazines such as Harvard Business Review as well as peer-reviewed scientific journals.  Similar techniques are taught and applied by organizations such as Alberta Health Services, United States military branches, and Florida Department of Children & Families to name a few.

Course Format and Approach

The course is designed to be completed in three weeks with a practical exercise to be completed each week to anchor the concepts.  Worksheets and Study Aids are available for download as well. (Please note: This course was originally built to be delivered via e-mail over a three week period - any reference to receiving materials via e-mail should be ignored as these are available through download as part of this course)

About Your Instructor

Shamir S. Ladhani,  is an international speaker, a Certified HeartMath Coach/Trainer  and a professional engineer.  He is a former vice-president of a fast-paced and dynamic energy corporation and is no stranger to managing stress.  He now educates students, adults and professionals on managing stress and maintaining composure under pressure.

Alleviate Stress & Boost Your Immune System
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