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SWOT Analysis for Strategic Transformation

Step-by-step SWOT Analysis to develop Strategic Transformation Strategy.
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The holistic processes of Strategy Development and the location of SWOT analysis among the whole process of the Strategy Development.
Step by Step understanding and applying the SWOT analysis, "Internally" Strengths, & Areas for Improvement, you will learn how to apply them on the Internal Value Chain, Internal Competencies.
Step by Step understanding and applying the SWOT analysis, "Externally" Opportunities & Threats "Macro and Micro Level " (PESTEL & Porter's Five Forces)
Define the most crucial areas where Strategic Transformation should emphasize, focus on the Value Gap, Change Agenda and Value Chain.
Apply SWOT on your Competitors.
Plot the final finding into the Balanced Scorecard form.
Gain the the knowledge and skills to apply what you have learned into your organization.
Gain in-depth understanding about SWOT analysis.
Why do we need SWOT analysis. What are the benefits of SWOT analysis.
Why and when do we need Strategic Transformation
The relation between SWOT analysis and the Strategic Transformation.
Best Practices and exercises to enhance what you learned.

The main objectives of this course are to provide you with the:

  • Knowledge: Deep understanding of the SWOT analysis, and areas of strategic transformation.

  • Skills: solid understand of SWOT analysis development and execution, analyze areas of most effect on strategic transformation.

  • Outcomes: detailed implementation process, hands-on exercises and discussion, ability to apply what you have learned to achieve strategic transformation.

This course provides you with detailed explanations on how to apply SWOT on the main three areas that we should focus on while developing our Strategic Transformation Strategy, which are:

  1. Value Gap

  2. Change Agenda

  3. Value Chain

SWOT Analysis for Strategic Transformation
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