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Swirlology: Reading Horses' Faces

Read Your Horse's Face
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Swirl and Whorl Placements and Meanings
Facial Structure and Meanings

Come and learn to read swirls or whorls! This correlational practice is something that some horsemen and horsewomen use to help build their relationships with horses. Here, you can learn a few tips on how to do just that, too. This is an intro to reading these swirls or markings and understanding what they mean on your horse. There is a strong relationship between personality and swirls. It is said that the personality in the brain develops at the same time that these hair patterns form on the horses. It has yet to be scientifically proven to be a fact though the coincidence of the swirls and personalities are quite strong. We are going to be looking at few different horses to be practice reading these swirls and facial features. This course is broken down so that we are building our readings upon each other to determine each horse's personality. By the end of the course, we will have enough practice to do a basic reading of horses' personalities based on phenotypes. We will also have a slight insight as to what else may be a factor in their personality. I hope that you take the time to join us as we learn about swirls and how to apply this to our life around horses. This is an insightful practice for a horse. Just remember that is not a scientific fact. Just strong correlations.

Swirlology: Reading Horses' Faces
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