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Simple Strategy for Swing Trading the Stock Market

Use my favorite Technical Indicator and the Trading Strategy I've developed for Swing Trading Stocks
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Become a successful trader!
Know exactly when to lock in profits.
Keep your losses to an absolute minimum.
Have a plan for entry and exit on every trade.
Trade stocks using one technical indicator that gives excellent Buy and Sell Signals.

I've been a full-time trader of the Stock Market for almost twenty years, and I have developed a very simple and effective strategy for Swing Trading Stocks, ETF's - plus the Forex, Cryptocurrency and Commodity Markets.  My strategy combines both Fundamental and Technical Analysis, but relies mostly on Technical Analysis of stock charts. This course will concentrate on Technical Analysis, and you will learn everything I know about correctly reading stock charts in about 80 minutes!
By training yourself to read and correctly interpret the information charts give you, you will be able to predict which way a stock will most likely move in the near future.  Charts can actually give you a glimpse of the future, and are a must have tool in the successful trader's arsenal.

In my Beginners Guide to Technical Analysis of Stock Charts here on Udemy, I covered fifty different technical indicators.  In this course, I teach the one indicator I use for all of my Buy and Sell Signals, and it's accuracy rate is about 80%. Two of the most important lessons included in this course are how to handle a false Buy Signal to keep losses to an absolute minimum, and when to lock in profits to maximize your gains. The trading strategy I teach in this course will provide you with a plan for entering and exiting trades with confidence. 

I look forward to helping you to become a successful Trader!

Happy Trading! 

Simple Strategy for Swing Trading the Stock Market
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