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SwiftUI By Examples

Learn How to Use SwiftUI by Creating Your Own App From Scratch
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How to create a basic SwiftUI app structure
How to use Git and Source Control
How to create a list from a single item
How to turn a list item into a navigation link
How to create a detail view and connect it with the list view
How to add and animate system icons
How to use flexible frames
How to change the data source from an array to an object
How to add, remove and reorder list items
How to define multiple previews for testing purposes

In this course, I will teach you about SwiftUI, Apple's latest addition to the amazing world of iOS development. SwiftUI is nothing short of a game-changer. It makes the life of iOS developer so much easier and I can't wait to show you all the magic waiting for you.

We will go through the entire process of building the SwiftUI app starting from scratch.

You will learn:

  • how to create a basic structure of SwiftUI app

  • how to work with Git and Source Control

  • how to fine-tune the basic layout

  • how to easily create the list of items

  • how to add more details from the array to the view

  • how to use navigation links

  • how to extract subviews to make your code easier to read

  • how to create a detail view

  • how to zoom the image

  • how to add and animate icons

  • how to use flexible frames

  • how to change the data source from array to object

  • how to add, delete and reorder list items

  • how to work with multiple previews

To make the most of this course and to be able to follow me step by step, you'll need macOS Catalina or newer and Xcode 11 or newer. With Xcode 11, Apple introduced live previews so you no longer need to compile your project and run it in the Simulator each time you make some changes to your code.


Your final assignment is very simple. Follow me step by step, create your own version of the final app and share it with us here. You can post either the screenshot or even better, some short video demonstrating how everything works. If you really want to make the most of this course, try to alter things and settings here and there to make your app truly unique.

You can change font size, colors, you can use your own images and the description of the items. Would you be able to come up with your own list of items altogether? How about a list of your colleagues or classmates instead of conference rooms?

SwiftUI By Examples
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