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Apple Swift step by step: create apps for iOS, watchOS, MacOS

Learn how to develop apps for iOS8 using Swift, the new programming language from Apple, including a Flappy Bird clone
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Learn how to download and use the tools for Swift programming
Learn the basics of Swift language
After mastering the basics you will learn about more exotic topics like protocols or extensions
Learn how to access Cocoa and Cocoa Touch APIs from Swift
Once you have mastered the programming language, you'll put what you have learned into practice by actually developing apps for iOS using Xcode and Swift
Develop a Flappy Bird sibling using Sprite Kit

# last update oct 5th 2014

Welcome to Swift, the brand new programming language from Apple. If you approached iOS development and always felt that Objective-C was a bit too complicated, then Swift will make your life a lot easier.

According to Wired "it will instantly remake computer programming" and it will be the core of iOS8 programming and further.

Even if you already know Objectve-C you will find great productivity advantages in starting to use Swift.

The only pre-requisite is to have familiarity with basic programming concepts (i.e. what is a variable, what is a control structure, etc.); we'll take care of the rest along the course.

More sophisticated concepts related to object-oriented programming will be dealt with in the curriculum.

The course will keep growing along time with new topics added. As new more advanced topics are added, the price will increase; so the sooner you enroll, the less you pay ! You will get all future updates at no extra cost.

The plan is to keep adding two new topics per month; these could be real app examples or explanations of Cocoa frameworks.

After a few months of beta testing Swift has finally reached version 1.0: this means you can develop and submit real apps to the App Store. After studying the language basics, it will be time to learn dealing with the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch APIs; finally you will be introduced to building real apps using Xcode. For a Flappy Bird alike game is used to get into the inner workings of Sprite Kit.

Almost every language module is conceived as two parts: an introductory and theoretical session with slides, followed by practical programming examples.

Of course we need and we appreciate your feedback to improve the course. And if you feel like we missed some topics or you'd like some explained, just let us know !

Apple Swift step by step: create apps for iOS, watchOS, MacOS
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