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SwiftUI Development in Swift 5 & Xcode11. The Complete Guide

WWDC19 Changed Everything. Build SwiftUI Apps & Projects with Stacks, Text, Spacers and more. Become a Valuable iOS dev.
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Master SwiftUI Before Anyone Else
How to use the SwiftUI Live Canvas Editor
Images in SwiftUI
Modifers in SwiftUI
Use SwiftUI with UIKit classes like UIViewController
Stacks, Spacers, Padding, Text, and more.
Drawing and Animations with SwiftUI
SwiftUI Tutorials
Titles and Subtitles in SwiftUI

SwiftUI Is Here, and every iOS Developer who want's to stay relevant must learn it.

SwiftUI is Apple's new framework that was announced at WWDC19, also known as World Wide Developers Conference 2019. This is the biggest iOS development announcement since Swift first came out. It is crucial for any and every iOS developer to learn SwiftUI immediately to ensure they have up to date skills. SwiftUI isn't going anywhere and it will very soon be an industry standard framework for iOS developers.

Quick and Easy.

SwiftUI is a very simple framework. In this course you will be guided step by step while building real world iOS apps with SwiftUI so you have an understanding of SwiftUI and how to use it in any iOS app you wish to develop. Like any programming language or framework, it still may be a challenge to completely master, but again, that is why I am here and that is why I have built this course for you and every other mobile developer looking to master SwiftUI.

SwiftUI Tutorials by Apple

In this course you will be guided through various tutorials on Apple's developer site. I specifically created this course around SwiftUI Tutorials due to how accessible the project files are, and how intuitive the SwiftUI Tutorials are.

There will be four specific sections in this course for you to master. I will annotate, explain, and walk you through each step while still giving you the ability to learn and grow as an iOS dev.

If you are ready to start mastering SwiftUI before any other developer, I highly encourage you watch the free preview videos available right now to see what exactly we will be building! I look forward to having you in the class and I look forward to what we will all build with this new framework!

SwiftUI Development in Swift 5 & Xcode11. The Complete Guide
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