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Swift programming - Build 20 apps for iPhone!

Use Xcode to make bestselling apps like Tinder or FlappyBird. Learn on practical examples!
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Create 20 apps!
Basic Swift syntax
First look into Xcode
Creating and compiling a project
Running projects on a device and simulator
Creating and using classes and objects
Debugging and error handling
Using Playground
Creating UI and Storyboard
Gesture recognizers
Adding photos, videos and music
Sound and volume control - AVAudioPlayer
Mixing and access to multimedia library
Basic iOS project templates
Working with data sources and presentation tools
iOS9 app extensions - Today widgets
Passing data across views
Storing data in apps
Storing data in clouds - CloudKit
Search engine integration
MapKit and location tools
Location tracking and background apps
Sending and receiving network data
Data sending control
Storing complex data in apps
Using the camera
TGames with SpriteKit - touch control
Event response, game collisions and physics
Background and hero animation
Saving player scores
Serialization and saving game state


** ** 77 lectures - 20 hours of content - the most comprehensive course on Swift programming ever! ** **

We focus on practice. You will build over 20 apps for iOS - from a simple photo gallery to calculator to the best-seller Flappy Bird. Step-by-step instructions shed light on the nuts and bolts of all features and functions and explain each code line in detail.

You will also explore the Xcode environment that facilitates app design and development.

3 bestselling games and apps:


Build an alternative to the hit mobile game Flappy Bird and get inspired to create the next world sensation.


A step-by-step guide to creating a todo list app. Time and task management apps are chart-toppers at the App Store.


An amazingly popular app that broke a million hearts. Learn how to create a similar application and see how easy it is.

Several smaller apps:

4. Hello world!

Hello world! is the first app you'll build minutes into the course. See how easy it is to learn Swift.

5. Lotto machine

Create a lottery app and discover how to use functions and randomize and sort data.

6. Tic-tac-toe

We all played it on a piece of paper once.. This app will introduce you to user interfaces and touch detection.

7. Calculator

Design a great UI and learn simple data operations.

8. Photo gallery

Discover how to add resources like photos or videos to a project and create your own photo gallery.

9. Birdy Scream

This app will show you how to add sounds to games. You'll also learn how to control app volume level so your neighbors can get some sleep while you work.

10. Stones on stage

Your first steps in game building. Code your first 2D game scene with the SpriteKit framework.

11. Color balls

With color balls flooding your screen, you'll explore how to create multiple types of views and add constraints.

12. Book list

Tables are so hot right now. Shopping list, task list, book list? Tabular data will always be in vogue - learn how to handle it.

13. Notepad

Storing data in a smartphone app and cloud is a must. Learn how to write and read data while creating an all-purpose notepad app.

14. About Us

During developing this app, you'll learn how to use Storyboards, make transitions, how to add buttons and present informartions.

15. Where am I?

Are you lost? Write an app that'll help you find where exactly you are by tracking your device and showing your location on a map.

16. Where is my car?

This app allows you to track your position relative to the position of your car. Never again lose your car in a multi-storey parking lot.

17. Network gallery

Write a web photo gallery. Learn how to get data from networks and present it on mobiles.

Learn how to create fast and secure applications.

Swift is a programming language used for mobile applications for iOS. It was presented for the first time at the WWDC conference in June 2014. Since then it has become increasingly popular among programmers and app developers.

The new language created by Apple is much simpler than Objective-C. It's recommended in particular for beginner programmers because of the simplified code structure, the possibility of applying corrections on bar graphs or testing the project operation in real time.

We can guarantee this course will give you all the skills to code progressively complex games and apps on your own!

Swift programming - Build 20 apps for iPhone!
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