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Swahili You Must Know for Beginners

A Swahili Course for Beginners
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Swahili Alphabet Letters
Swahili Consonants Resulting from the Combination of more than One Basic Consonants
Pronunciation of Swahili Words
Stressing of Swahili Words
Subject Marker in a Swahili Sentence
Naming Days of the Week in Swahili
Naming Months in Swahili
Naming Careers in Swahili
Naming Colors in Swahili
Naming House and Household Items in Swahili
Naming Parts of the Body in Swahili

This course is designed mainly for Swahili learners who are beginners. It aims on creating a strong Swahili learning foundation for any student aiming to become a confident Swahili speaker. Topics are well picked, organized, and presented to make sure a student’s desired learning outcome is easily achieved. All the videos used are animated and HD videos to enhance engagement for our students.

Swahili alphabet are discussed in detail, including Swahili vowels, consonants, and consonants resulting from the combination of more than one basic consonants so as to empower our students with reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. Pronunciation and Stressing of Swahili words topics aim to impact our students with Swahili speaking and listening skills. From a subject marker in a Swahili sentence topic, a student is expected to acquire knowledge on how to construct perfect sentences in Swahili. And from naming parts of the body, colors, days of the week, careers, and house and household items students are expected to acquire good number of vocabularies which are useful in everyday Swahili use and hence, become professional and confident Swahili speakers.

At the end of this course a student is expected to become able to carry out simple Swahili conversations. As people normally say “Practice makes perfect”, our students are advised to keep practicing what they learn from our courses.

Swahili You Must Know for Beginners
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