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Swahili Basics: Starter Package

Learn Swahili
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Learn the most important Swahili basics in this course. Learn how to greet others and introduce yourself in more detail , learn the Swahili alphabet in detail with practical examples ,Personal pronouns to help in sentence construction, the names and conversational examples of numbers, pets, foods, drinks, weather patterns, time, means of transport and other critical Swahili basics in detail.

This course is for learners who are starting a journey to learn Swahili as a new language. The course is designed to be as interactive as possible making learning easy and fast.  The course is structured to have key vocabulary, examples and tests which facilitate learning. If you are a student studying Swahili, this course will equip you with the much needed critical basics  to build a good foundation to your language learning process. If you are a tourist or expatriate travelling to East Africa for work or leisure , this course will help you hold basic conversations with locals and be comfortable during your stay. The specific themes are explained in detail using a classroom approach that is interactive and  engaging!

By the end of this course you will learn;

  1. To greet others and introduce yourself in more detail in Swahili

  2. The Swahili alphabet in detail with practical examples 

  3. Personal pronouns to help in sentence construction

  4. Swahili numbering system, percentages and fractions in detail

  5. The Swahili concept of time and how to use it practically

  6. Months and seasons of the year in detail with examples

  7. Most common colors including the rainbow in more detail

  8. Hobbies and how to refer to your favorite hobbies to assist you when holding conversations.

  9. Transportation modes around the world  and how to refer to them in Swahili.

  10. Weather and weather patterns and their Swahili names. Also, how to communicate about the weather.

  11. The names of foods, drinks and beverages and how to make simple conversations about foods and drinks.

  12. The names of clothing that people use on a daily basis in Swahili.

  13. Most common sports around the world.

  14. The names of pets and simple vocabulary about pets.

Swahili Basics: Starter Package
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