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SVG Tutorial for Beginners: Learn How to Use SVG

Take this SVG tutorial to learn how to make SVG files & more
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Learn SVG for Web Development and why to Use it
Learn to Embed SVG on a Web Page
Learn to Create Different SVG Forms
Learn to Create Landscape with Code

With fast-growing technologies, the need for technical skills grows as well. The world becomes more and more digitalized, therefore the need for specialists grows rapidly. Web developers and digital artists are one of those people. That is who this course is for. This course will be beneficial for beginners who want to become a web developer or digital artist. The principal aim of this course is to teach you how to use SVG, which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. The SVG markup language that is used to describe two-dimensional graphics application and images using vectors rather than other image formats, such as jpg, gif, or png. SVG is created with the help of math, therefore, its size can range indefinitely. So, join this SVG tutorial for beginners and learn how to make SVG files and use it to make incredible logos, icons, and other simple designs!

Why should you use SVG?

If you think whether it is worth using SVG, let me prove you that it is. Create SVG and have scalable files! It means it can vary from the smallest to the biggest size and still maintain the quality. What is more, it is supported by all modern browsers, and it is an open standard. It uses smaller file sizes compared to bitmapped files. Already lots of benefits, right? But that’s not everything. You can style shapes in CSS and interact with them in JavaScript! Thus, you can programmatically modify shapes for utilization on web pages.

SVG files are unique in a way that they can be edited in graphics editing programs, such as Illustrator, and also, you can do it directly with coding. Using HTML, CSS or  JavaScript, you can make SVG files much more dynamic than raster images. Sound interesting, right? Well, you will learn everything you need to know about that in the SVG tutorial. So, if you’re ready to improve your skills and gain valuable and relevant knowledge, join this course.

Why should you choose this SVG tutorial?

If you want to learn how to use SVG, this course is the best choice. The first thing is that you will learn how to create SVG, moreover using a code, you will create the whole landscape. Sounds amazing, right? But there is more. After this SVG tutorial, you will know how to embed SVG on the webpage. And, finally, you will understand why it is beneficial to use SVG for web development.

This SVG course is great because there aren’t many crucial requirements. It is highly helpful to have a basic understanding of CSS, HTML, and JS. Moreover, you will need an internet connection to keep up in the free text editor JS Bin. The last thing that you need is Illustrator CC, but you can download its free alternative. That’s it. In this SVG tutorial, you need no SVG knowledge. So, just start your journey now and learn how to make SVG files!  

SVG Tutorial for Beginners: Learn How to Use SVG
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