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Sustainability in 30

Learn all about sustainability in 30 days
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With climate change and global garbage crisis being at its peak, it is important for us all to become aware and understand the concepts underlying the problems and the solutions that are out there. This course takes students through a journey of understanding all about sustainability and the importance of the interconnectedness between people, planet and profit in order to build a sustainable future moving forward.

This course takes you on a journey to start transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle. It provides realistic and feasible zero waste changes that you can make at a personal level to help our communities transition to a healthier one! The course, through the many forms of learning, allows you to make your own informed choices, set realistic goals and make tangible differences on a broader global scale as well!

We will be providing you with access to eye-opening research and data, interviews with more than 10 well-known experts in various fields, and over a dozen DIY videos with countless tips and tricks that you can learn from and incorporate into your life!

Sustainability in 30
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