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Surviving Twin Flame Separations and Breakups

Skills that will help you move on, resolve your soul contract and thrive after a twin flame or twin soul relationship.
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Learn the basics of what a twin flame relationship is and common themes
Decide if you should end things with your twin
Discover the many lessons from your relationship
Understand the true purpose of twin flames
Learn techniques and skills to cope with the break up
Rediscover your joy and happiness
Get inspired and excited about life after your twin flame

I want to save you all the time I lost trying to navigate the twin flame waters.

I believe you have to go through these relationships, but the amount of time and pain you are willing to experience is up to you.

I want to give you real world advice. Not airy fairy spiritual mumbo jumbo. 

There are so many sites out there based heavily in the spiritual airy fairy advice for twin flames, but the reality is many of us are normal people who want to live in the real world. We want families, marriage, and physical earthly relationships. We want to feel good and have partnerships that feel good, not ones only focused on growth and dealing with past life karma.

I don’t believe all twin flame relationships will reunite in this lifetime. There is plenty out there on the internet on how to call in your twin flame or explaining why a runner runs and some vague ideas on how to get them back.

But what if you have had enough of the craziness and are ready to move on with your life.

How do you get over an intense relationship like that?

How will anyone else compare to them?

How can I cut off communication?

How can I ignore the huge loss in my life?

I want to offer you support and healing around this issue. I’ve been there and made it through the other side.

Surviving Twin Flame Separations and Breakups
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