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Surviving Scrum - Learn Scrum in Under 2 Hours

Complete Scrum Course – Clear and Concise, Real World Examples, Prepare for a Scrum Master Certification
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Understand what is Scrum and how to use it.
Understand the core concepts of Scrum (values, theory, team roles, artifacts, events).
Understand the uses of Scrum with real world examples.
Learn how to achieve and prepare for a Scrum Master certification.
Understand Agile and Waterfall methodologies and their link to Scrum.
Utilise the practical exercises to further understand Scrum.

A complete Scrum course in under 2 hours.

This course is broken up into multiple modules with each key module ending with a quiz that helps reinforce important concepts.

This course covers the complete Scrum framework including:

· The Definition and Uses of Scrum

· Scrum Values

· Scrum Theory

· Scrum Team Roles

· Scrum Artifacts

· Scrum Events

· Use Stories

· Estimation

In addition to the above the course provides real world case studies on how organizations have implemented Scrum.

Also, if you are looking for a Scrum Master certification (Scrum Master, Product Owner etc.) this course outlines the ways in which you can achieve it.


This course is no way affiliated or connected to Scrum(.)org or any other Scrum training organization.

Surviving Scrum - Learn Scrum in Under 2 Hours
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