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SDF: Memory Forensics 2

Learn Windows memory forensics
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Learn how to use Volatility
Learn to do a fast-triage malware compromise assessment
Understand plugin output for investigations
Learn a valuable triage methodology
Learn how to create a Volatility script

Learn to script Volatility and conduct a malware compromise assessment.

This class provides you with hands on training working with a memory image in order to find evidence of compromise. Step-by-step the course teaches students how to automate memory forensic processing as well as how to interpret the findings. By the end of the course students will have an efficient forensic tool and methodology that may be used for any windows memory forensic exam.

This class teaches students how to conduct memory forensics using Volatility.

  • Learn how to use & combine plugin results to identify malware

  • Learn how to create a script to automate running plugins and post-processing data refinement

  • Learn how to run and interpret plugins

  • Hands-on practicals reinforce learning

  • Learn all of this in about one hour using all freely available tools.

SDF: Memory Forensics 2
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