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Survive Student Teaching and Set Yourself up for Success!

Learn how to get the experience you need during student teaching to propel yourself into a successful teaching career!
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Begin student teaching with a clear objective
Reduce first day of training jitters
Survive Student Teaching!

UPDATE: Over 100 students enrolled within the first two days of going live!

Become an amazing teacher with this premier course on highly effective student teacher development.

The tips you’ll receive here are derived from my own personal experience, as well as, input from other teachers and educational professionals.

This course is designed for:

  • College education majors that are training to be teachers. Ideally this course would be completed before going into the field or on assignment.
  • Students who are perusing a Master of Arts in Teaching who will not have a full semester for student teacher training.
  • Other educational professionals, such as college professors and school principals, can use this course to enhance their teacher training programs and help their candidates achieve success.

Student teachers that gain the right tools during training are more likely to seek employment in education and will have greater success during the critical first few years as a teacher. Enroll Now and begin your journey to success!


Here's what students are saying about this course.

" Thanks for that course Ms. K...I feel so much more confident and prepared for student teaching!" - Renee' C.

"Man at first I really didn't want to admit that I was a bit nervous about student teaching but I was. After taking the course, I can honestly say I feel better and I know I'm going to be alright!" -Mark P.

Survive Student Teaching and Set Yourself up for Success!
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