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Survival Skills for the New Trainer

This course is specially designed to help trainers improve their skills for training others.
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Understand how to apply listening skills
Learn to Ask the Right Questions
Understand Adult Learning
How to Deliver Your Program

If you are thinking about becoming a trainer, or have started doing some training already and what to know more about what will help you to become an excellent trainer, this course will help you.

It is designed as an exploration of the essential skills that trainer’s need to develop, and get you started on the learning process in an interactive and fun environment. You need to be able to grab your audience's attention and capture their intererest.

Training is an essential element of development in any organization. Being knowledgeable and continuing to learn throughout your career can make you a very valuable asset.

So, in this course you will learn:

  • What Makes a Good Trainer

  • Projecting the Right Image

  • Assertive vs Aggressive vs Passive

  • Asking the Right Questions

  • Active Listening

Communication skils is vital for the trainers. The ability to get your ideas and content accorss to the audience is the vital part.

Identify skill sets that can improve your communication skills.

Identify the characteristics of a good organizational system

Learn about a system that will allow you to process any type of information

Explore why you procrastinate and develop methods for tackling tasks

And … at the end of the course, you will emerge with a plan that works for you, so that you can start regaining control of your life!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today.

Survival Skills for the New Trainer
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