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PCB Design Basics for Surface Mount ( SMD ) Components

Learn PCB Design Basics for Surface Mount ( SMD) Components using EasyEDA - Free , OnLine PCB Design Software
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Various types of PCB design methods with different Electronic Circuit Examples

Hello Dear Student ,

First of all I welcome you , for Learning this Course . 

This Course is basically for first time Learner of PCB Design with Surface Mount Device ( SMD Components )  .

Most of the Today's Complex Electronic Circuits are having PCB  Designs with SMD Version components to achieve the more Component density  in a specified Size of the PCB . So , Compact PCBs helps to Develop Electronic Gadgets with Compact Size .

PCBs with SMD  Components  are having many advantages compared to  PCB with Leaded ( Through Hole ) Components .

The Video content of This PCB Design Course is of short duration . It covers  basic PCB Design Case study / Examples  .

This PCB Design Course aimed for a  quick learning  of Basic approach to Design PCB  for Surface Mount ( SMD ) Components  & after-which it is to be manufactured by PCB Manufacturer using SMT ( Surface Mount Technology ) Process Technology .

Explanation of PCB Manufacturing Process ( SMT ) , is beyond the scope of this PCB Design Course , i.e. The Explanation of PCB manufacturing process is not included in this Course .

I hope , you enjoy learning this course .

Thank You .

Pravinkumar P. Ambekar

PCB Design Basics for Surface Mount ( SMD ) Components
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