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Supply Chain Risk Management

Learn to Minimise Disruptions, Reduce Risk and Make your Supply Chain Resilient
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You will be able to manage risks, reduce the effects of disruptions in your supply chain, and meet the needs and expectations of your customers and partners.
You will understand how to determine, implement, and monitor an optimal mix of measures to avoid, defer, reduce, or transfer all relevant end-to-end supply chain risks.
You will have the ability to develop, execute and implement a 5-step risk management process.
You will learn how to develop and implement a Predictive – Proactive SCRM methodology.
You will learn how to build supply chain security through capability development and dynamic security management capabilities.

RISK MANAGEMENT must be on the radar screen of every business management team and organisation - from top to bottom. From planning to documentation, from risk identification to hazard assessment, from global risk management strategies to the key role of supply chain management, this course contains plenty of practical, relevant information and best practices for managing the unknown.

Just as it is impossible to totally prevent most disasters and disruptions, it is unrealistic to assume that they will happen to other companies but not to yours. Being prepared when things happen is just plain good business. Failure to plan for such events can lead to supply chain disruptions that can devastate company performance, damage profitability and stock prices, and result in irreparable harm to the organisation. The consequences can also result in cascading damage to every business and organisation relying on the timely receipt of your goods and services that enable them to continue meeting their customers’ needs.

By blending organisational capabilities emanating from people, processes, and technology, the firm can embrace a supply chain security orientation and effectively protect itself and its supply chain assets from damage and/or destruction caused by internal and external threats.

By completing this course, you'll be armed with the valuable and practical skills you need to develop and implement an Effective Supply Chain Risk Management program, improve your business operations performance, and make your supply chain secure and resilient.

Supply Chain Risk Management
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