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Supply Chain Risk and Resilience: Level 1 with Greg Schlegel

Connecting supply chain fundamentals with the increasing trend of global volatility, uncertainty, complexity and risk.
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Gain an appreciation for basic elements of Supply Chain Management
Understand the reasons for good supply chain risk and resiliency best practices
Learn of the financial implications of supply chain disruptions
Identify supply chain trends and their impact on profitability and resiliency
Gain an understanding of the impact of global volatility on supply chain operational performance
Increase comprehension of the importance of supply chain cyber security

Taught by best selling author Greg Schlegel students will uncover the secrets of Supply Chain Risk and Resilience management for next-generation supply chains.

This course provides a level of appreciation to the learner regarding the elements of basic supply chain management (SCM), an evolving field which seeks to integrate the functions of an organization. While SCM has evolved in improving organizations’ efficiency and profitability by applying technology, vulnerabilities have been exposed through globalization. The course seeks to position the continued maturity of SCM in a more comprehensive approach including supply chain risk and resilience.

There will be multiple themes in all three levels such as the financial impact of supply chain disruptions. These can be devastating but are often not understood until it is too late. Disruptions caused by natural disasters or malicious actions or poor management have an ever greater impact on supply chains. The supply chain profession, which integrates the many functions that organizations need to operate, is an evolving discipline impacted by technology and greater risk. Understanding these components is a must for the novice in this field as well as the experienced manager. The course utilizes the principles of Supply Chain Risk Management, authored by Greg Schlegel and Robert Trent.

Supply Chain Risk and Resilience: Level 1 with Greg Schlegel
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