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Supply Chain Operations Metrics and KPI's

Learn to Create Value, Improve Performance, and Drive the Success of Your Supply Chain Management System
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You’ll have the ability to objectively assess your current supply chain function, identify the gaps in its performance, and build an effective foundation for its improvement
You’ll learn how to ramp up the operational control of your organisation’s delivery performance, its responsiveness in terms of cycle times, its cost and asset management, and its promotion of collaborative relationships
You’ll know how to redesign and optimise your supply chain network by implementing best practices in areas like carrier agreements, procurement and replenishment, cross-docking, merge-in-transit, wave picking, and lean methodologies
You’ll understand the most effective approach to streamlining management reporting, particularly as it applies to your organisational structures and objectives
You’ll gain all the knowledge and practical skills you need to successfully align your supply chain team’s professional abilities with your company’s overall goals

High-performance supply chain management is all about getting product to the customer in the right way, for the right price. In the creation of worth for both client and stakeholder, it’s the reliability and sustainability of your business performance that will really make the difference. From product sourcing through order fulfilment, your organisation’s success relies heavily on its ability to discover and generate value from the gaps between the expected, the perceived, and the actual outcome.

As a proven method for aligning your company’s plans for improvement with its strategic objectives, the Supply Chain Metrics and KPI’s Model addresses supply chain problem solving alongside the engineering, upgrade, and redesign of key business procedures.   

By developing an internal system that’s based on verified performance indicators and metrics, you’ll be able to fully resolve the top five challenges in the supply chain industry: understanding planning and risk management, evaluating and implementing cost control, exploiting supplier/partner relations, providing superior customer service, and getting the most from your supply chain team.   

By completing this course, you’ll learn to refine strategy, define structure (including the human element), manage processes, and measure performance. You’ll have the skills and knowledge necessary to create and execute a successful framework for understanding, measuring, and advancing the performance of your current supply chain, determining your company’s success in achieving its operational goals, evaluating internal cost/performance trade-offs, initiating strategies for meeting new customer expectations, and responding effectively to the challenges presented by global market growth.

Supply Chain Operations Metrics and KPI's
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