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Supply Chain Fundamentals : Logistic & Transportation

Learn the Fundamentals of Logistic, Warehouse, Inbound, Picking, Packing, transportation and apply it to any ERP system
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Understand Supply Chain concepts of Logistic & Transportation
Understand the end to end logistic and transportation processes in the Supply Chain
Apply and use these concepts to in any IT system or tool
Prepare for Supply Chain consultant interviews.
Understand the actions carried out in the warehouse and Distribution centers
How to execute the picking and packing actions in a warehouse
How to execute the shipping & transportation process in the supply chain.
Key factors that go towards building a Supply Chain network

Future Proof your skill sets today!

Learn about Supply Chain Logistics, Warehouse, and Transportation and apply what you learn to any ERP or IT systems (For example SAP, Oracle, Ortec, JDA, etc). I have also included a end to end demonstration of the process in SAP ERP to show how it all is applied.

Improve your knowledge of Supply Chain Logistics, Warehouse, and Transportation. For example, how inbound and outbound transports can be linked? Or the different picking strategy for your warehouse? Or what is allocation?

In this course we will explain all of this concepts (and more)  in simple, easy to understand videos.

This course covers the core concept and business context exclusively in the area of logistic and transportation and its application to a IT or ERP system.

In this course you will be presented with the end to end process of Supply Chain logistics and transportation including the key points of integration. This is usually the role of a SCM Solution Architect or SCM managment consultant and takes years of experience to master. This course represents over 25 years of industrial knowledge, all made simple and easy to understand.

This course will cover Supply Chain core topics such as :

  • Understand how business policy drives logistic and transportation SCM capabilities

  • Understand how to convert business policy to SCM capability

  • How to design and use Key Performance Indicators as to support SCM capabilities

This course also covers practical topics such as

  • Inbound deliveries, and when it the right time to use them

  • Logistic & Transport key points in the Order to Cash process

  • Logistic & Transport key points in the Procedure to Pay

  • Warehouse : Putaway, Picking and Packing

  • Packing as a shipping unit 

  • What is transportation and how they are to be optimised

  • Transport freight pricing

  • Using Stock Transport Orders

  • Manufacturing, toll manufacturing and  Subcontracting

  • The course also includes a real life business case to test your knowledge and understanding of the course. 

Supply Chain Fundamentals : Logistic & Transportation
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