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The Last Digital Marketing Strategy Express

all you need to learn how to think marketing in a way that works
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you should be able to sell as much as you want, and this course will help you do just that
the fact is that you will learn to think in terms of marketing, and not learn just simplified "hacks" that work just for a few people.
even if you already know digital marketing tools, this course is focused on learning how to think strategy, is content over form.

Ok! So you have something you need to communicate, a message, a product or a cause.

You want to move people, shake them to change something, in their lives and in yours.

This thing that you do, this business that you have wants to expand and reach out to more people.

And the internet, the social media, podcasts, youtube etc is apparently the whey to go…

Well, I help people like you to succeed. I help people like you to create and prosper.

But not just that, I give you the ability to do the same thing with all of your “things” from now on. You will KNOW HOW. It changed my life and I will change yours with this knowledge.

When I discovered how to “think” like “they think” and to learn how to sort out the digital mess in my head, I gave steps forward. I believe that Udemy is the best place to share this insightful knowledge in this moment in space and time.

I always were the “smart guy”, the “strategy genius”. That gave me a shoot in becoming a co-founder in a brilliant successful marketing agency in the beginning of the digital revolution. We were young and audacious. Our web “in house” department were THE THING back in the day. It was a experimentation lab! It took a good time of my life to really put all of that learning together, put some sense in all of that. I needed the help of some masters, but I finally composed a complete vision and understanding of it all.

I will give YOU this, the juice, the crème, the best part of the cake.

And it will be FATS. I selected the expedited way to help you, because that is the feedback from the good guys.

Good courses are objective and trim.

Don’t get intimidated by the hours in this course because a “complete” version of it would have 20 hours minimum, but all of this “extra” stuff would not be the life changing stuff.

And all of this trimming is hard work! As the smart Mark Twain said: “If you want me to give you a two-hour presentation, I am ready today. If you want only a five-minute speech, it will take me two weeks to prepare.”

What you see here, is the 20% that do the 80% of the result as pareto's law dictates.

So my promise to you is this: DO YOUR PART AND YOU WILL CHANGE FOREVER.

Never again you will see a product development or a marketing campaign in the same way.

I will EMPOWER you teaching how to THINK MARKETING in the ways that WORKS.

You will LEARN how to use all the marketing tool box in the way that works!

BUT this course is NOT for you IF you seek a magic formula to HACK facebook, instagran, youtube etc.

Or a some kind of trick were you just sit and do nothing to things to move.

I’m not a Jedi that teaches to levitate stuff (But I would love to be one).

Maybe a little more like the green guy that seats on your shoulder and points the way with smart remark’s (excluding the X-wing levitation part, of course).

So focus, respond the exercise’s and HELP ME HELP YOU with POSITIVE feedback and SMART questions, this ways our course will grow a little more to empower you not just 80% but a 100%.

See you inside

The Last Digital Marketing Strategy Express
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