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Linux for Scientific Computing Masterclass - 10.5 Hours

Linux Command Line Masterclass for Bash Shell Scripting, HPC Job-schedulers, PBS Pro, Slurm and Bright Cluster Manager
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Linux command line for HPC and Supercomputing
Sysadmin for Supercomputing
Job schedulers and batch systems (Slurm and PBS Pro)
Scientific computing with virtualisation
Supercomputing software stack
Linux Scripting- Bash, REGEX, AWK, SED, GREP
Linux Storage Management
Linux Networking - Bonding, Teaming, NTP configurations

This is the first ever Linux Command Line Administration Masterclass for HPC and Scientific Computing on the Udemy platform. The 10.5+ hours of premium quality video instructions will be helpful both for the aspiring Linux and High-performance/ Scientific computing systems users, who must run applications on thousands of nodes.


If you look at the current Top500 supercomputer rankings, majority out of the 500 just simply say they are running Linux and graduates from any disciplines with Linux, HPC and Scientific Computing knowledge are being paid salary over $100K on average.  Linux has long provided an outstanding operating system for a wide range of users in a variety of settings. Therefore, this course is titled "Linux for HPC Systems and Supercomputing". 

Students purchasing this course will receive free access to the interactive version (with Scientific code playgrounds) of this course from the Scientific Programming School. Instructions to join are given in the bonus content section. Upon successful completion, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Use & administer Linux-based HPC systems with proficiency and confidence; and

  • Use Linux HPC computing and software appropriately in scientific or engineering problems.

Students purchasing this course will receive free access to the interactive version (with Scientific code playgrounds) of this course from the Scientific Programming School (SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMMING IO). Based on your earlier feedback, we are introducing a Zoom live class lecture series on this course through which we will explain different aspects of Linux command line for Data analytics. Live classes will be delivered through the Scientific Programming School, which is an interactive and advanced e-learning platform for learning scientific coding.


When you enroll you will get lifetime access to all of the course contents and any updates and when you complete the course 100% you will also get a Certificate of completion that you can add to your resumé/CV to show off to the world your new-found Linux & Scientific Computing Mastery! Don't forget to join our Q&A live community where you can get free help anytime from other students and the instructor. This awesome course is a component of the Learn Scientific Computing master course.

So What are you Waiting For? Click that shiny enroll button and we'll See you inside ;) FIVE STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 10.5+ HRS OF AWESOME VIDEOS!

Linux for Scientific Computing Masterclass - 10.5 Hours
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