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Superb Python Course - Become Certified Python Developer

Learn Every Details to be Python Developer
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Create automatic task
Create Web application
Create your own game
Create Desktop application

What will you gain about this course?

  • This python course is more hands-on than theory.
  • Learn latest coding style that can be used in the programming industry.
  • The only Python course that teaches you every detail and with awesome codes. 

Welcome to Superb Python Course - Become Certified Python Developer

This is the best course to fulfill your dream to become Python Developer. I will teach you more hands-on to enhance your programming skills faster. Python is a powerful programming language it can be use in Web development and Desktop application.Python has standard libraries that offers all the things needed to build a complex application.

With this course you can be beginner to professional in just 4 weeks.

What will you get in this course?

  1. Download and install Python
  2. How to setup Python
  3. Python in IDLE
  4. Python with Eclipse
  5. Function and State
  6. Built-in Functions
  7. Module
  8. Files
  9. Classes and Object
  10. Special Methods
  11. Python with JSON
  12. Python with Regular Expression
  13. Standard Library
  14. GUI (Graphic user interface)
  15. Python Simple Program 
  16. CGI(Common Gateway Interface)
  17.  Django Web Framework 
  18. Python Simple game 
  19. Pillow 
  20. Python with AI(Artificial Intelligence)

Get this course today and be life changing careers.

The quicker you get this course the quicker gain Superb Python Course.

Thank You :D

Superb Python Course - Become Certified Python Developer
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