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Self Confidence Mastery Tap into Unstoppable Confidence Fast

Rapidly change how you feel and think about confidence and tap away blocks to your natural confidence and self esteem
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use this technique to improve your performance in Life & Sports
16 Bonus Hypnosis & EFT Downloads
downloadable pdfs
157 page downloadable EBook with protocols for issues from A to Z using EFT
All Videos are downloadable for easier access offline
Tap into that inner confidence you were born with EFT and Hypnosis
use this technique to overcome many of their limitations such as fear, anxiety, cravings eg. cigarettes and food
Tap into natural self confidence you were born with
You understand more about your own confidence and how to boost your feelings of confidence with a simple technique

Self Confidence: Mastery Tap into Unstoppable Confidence

Confidence Mastery Emotional confidence control with EFT and Hypnosis program has been created to give you a simulated therapy experience as close as you could have to a private confidence boosting session with me as a client 

  • Did you know that confident people do not have to think about being confident or having confidence they just are confident.

  • Did you know that you feel confident in many areas of your life already.

  • So What has been holding you back from doing all that you have wanted to do in your life, excuses and lack of confidence and those excuses are created by negative feelings and thinking?

  • Now you can change all that by tapping into the energy pathways that deliver the messages to the organs in your body that have been making you feel bad and without any confidence.

  • In this course I will guide you through each exercise and you will also be able to download some MP3 and PDFs files so that you can get the benefit from this course even when you have no internet connection.

  • Did you know that a lack of confidence can feel a bit like fear and as a baby you were only born with two fears and they are the fear of falling and loud noises and you only have to look at any baby to see their reactions to falling and noise.

  • As a baby you learned by osmosis even confidence and how to feel confident.

  • So what osmosis is learning through experience and its experiences that have caused you to feel a lack of confidence.

  • In this course I will teach you how to find some of those past experiences where you have lost the natural confidence you were born with and easily remove the emotional charge to those past experiences and by doing this you will begin to feel more confidence in every area of your life  and you will have less limiting filters of perception because that perception and lack of confidence and confident feelings were only perceptions created from past failures that caused you to have less confidence and have been holding  you back from doing and achieving the best that life can offer you. .

Bonus Downloads

EFT Tapping Points Instructions PDF

Emotional First Aid On Tap PDF

Assertiveness Hypnosis for Confidence

Becoming Successful Hypnosis

Being Young At Heart Hypnosis

Extreme Dating Confidence Hypnosis

Feel happier in life hypnosis

Increase Performance in Sport Hypnosis

Get Perfect Job Hypnosis

Improve Your World Hypnosis

Power Nap Hypnosis

Super Self Confidence Hypnosis

EFT Downloads

Release Self sabotaging feelings of Guilt EFT

Freedom from fear EFT

Gain Self Confidence With EFT

Tension Relief With EFT

Self Confidence Mastery Tap into Unstoppable Confidence Fast
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